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Classification and Application of Elevator Load Cell电梯称重传感器的分类与应用 1. Load cells installed at the elevator headMounted the load cell at the elevator head board is a universal weighing method, which installs the load cell in the middle of two rope heads and detects two weight changes in the car. Pressure changes to carry out weighing measurements. This installation is characterized by strong applicability, selection of suitable size, size of the load cell, can be used for various forms of rope head plate hole weighing.安装于电梯绳头板处的压力传感器安装于电梯绳头板处的称重传感器是一款通用型称重方式,它是将称重传感器安装于两块绳头板中间,检测轿厢内重量变化时两块绳头板对称重传感器的压力变化来进行称重测量。此安装方式的特点是适用性强,选用适合尺寸、规格的称重传感器后,可以用于各种形式的绳头板孔位称重。 2. Load cells installed at the bottom of the carA plurality of sensors are placed between the car and the car frame, and the load cell and the rubber be integrated or mechanically connected. Then the car and the load cell actually formed a scale, add the signal of each load cell together through the circuit, calculate the total weight in the car, this calculation can overcome the car bias load generated by the error. The sensitivity of this weighing method is very high, after the system been installed, the sensitivity is less than 10kg, and because the buffer rubber only play a connection, the role of shock absorption is not involved in weighing, so the stability is good, drift is small, it’s suitable for high-grade high-speed Elevator.安装于轿底的压力传感器将多个传感器放置在轿箱与轿架之间,传感器与橡胶可以为一体,也可以机械连接。这样,轿厢与传感器实际上就组成了一台秤,将各传感器的信号通过电路相加,计算出轿厢内的总重量,这种计算方法可以克服轿厢内偏载产生的误差。这种称重方式的灵敏度非常高,整个系统安装好后,灵敏度小于10kg,并且由于缓冲橡胶只起到连接、减震的作用不参与称重,所以稳定性很好,漂移小,适合高档高速电梯使用。  3. Load cells installed at the car roofThis installation is for large tonnage, multi-rail design of the ladle weighing. It is characterized by a simple structure, suitable for large tonnage cargo ladder. The load cell is mounted on the top axle of the elevator car.安装于轿顶轮轴处的压力传感器安装于轿顶轮轴处的安装方式是针对大吨位、多导轨的货梯设计的一款称重安装方式。它的特点是结构简单,适用大吨位货梯。传感器安装于电梯轿厢顶轴轮轴上面。 4. Electromagnetic induction elevator load cells installed at the live car platformIt calculates the pressure on the elevator car through the induction magnetic field strength. This is to rely on the bottom of the elastic rubber compression deformation, the strong magnet placed in the car under the floor, through the installation of the Hall element on the car to change its magnetic field changes, after amplification, output the analog signal, the advantage is that induction, output integration, according to the need to output different forms of weight signal (current, voltage , Switch, serial communication) installation and commissioning is convenient, and high sensitivity because the Hall element is very small, it can be integrated with other electronic components into a small control box (and low cost). If use the serial communication output, can reduce the number of cores with the cable to save cost for the elevator which is multi-segment switch compensation.适用于活轿底的电梯适用于活轿底的电梯,通过感应磁场强度来计算电梯轿厢所承受压力。这种方式是依靠轿底弹性橡胶受压后变形,将强磁铁放置在轿底板下面,通过安装在轿架上的霍尔元件感应其磁场变化,经过放大转换后,输出模拟量信号,其优点有在于由于霍尔元件很小,可以将其与其它电子元件集成到一个很小的控制盒中(而且成本较低)使感应、输出一体化,可根据需要输出不同形式重量信号(电流、电压、开关、串行通讯)安装调试方便,且灵敏度高。如果使用串行通讯输出,对于多段开关量补偿的电梯可减少随行电缆的芯数,节约成本。

What kind of load cells can be used in truck scale?

What kind of load cells can be used in truck scale?Normally the truck scale use load cell of Column type and double ended shearbeam. Our double ended shearbeam load cell-693B,612B, 653B, are widely used in truck scale.Our Column load cell 689C, is interchangeable with HBM C16, it is one of our best selling item for truck scale!