weighing scale

4 Products
  • OCS-S-3T Crane Scale for remote controler

    Overload warning and record,
    operate through remote controller,etc functions
    Cast aluminium housing for maximum protection

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • FSP Floor scale

    thickness of steel: standard 5cm
    Stainless steel junction box
    Plastic Spray painted, more resistant

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • SU 1.5kg3kg6kg15kg30kg Waterproof scale

    Structure of full stainess steel
    precision up to 1/15000
    Super shock-resistant

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • BPS-F Price Scale

    1 Dual LCD display, backlighting
    2 Both AC and DC can be used;
    3.Battery lasts for more thand 2 months for each charging.

    Min. Order: 1piece