Indicator-L,S Weighing indicator for platform scale
Indicator-L,S Weighing indicator for platform scale




Digital indicator, weighing indicator for platform scale
● High Σ-Δ A/D conversion technology;A/D conversion with readability 1/40000;
● Low power consumption, brightness(LED) and backlight(LCD) mode selectable;
● Zero-tracking range, Zero range (manual/auto) setup;
● Units: Kg, lb, two customized units;
● Zero range 0mV~8 mV;
● Display 6 bits 1'LCD, 21 status indications; or display 6 bits 1'LED,9 lights
● Interface RS232C, 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200 bps;
● Power supply AC 220~240V (110V optional) 50/60Hz;
● built-in rechargeable battery 6V 1.3 AH(QA and GC 6V4ah)
● Load cell excitation 5V/ Max 150 mA;
● Load cell connection up to 4 at 350 ohm.8 at 710 ohm

Digital weighing indicator for platform scale

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