Automatic Mounting foot-AMT, Rohs Certificated
Automatic Mounting foot-AMT, Rohs Certificated

Item specifics

alloy steel
stainless steel available

Product review



ROHS CERTIFICATED Active Rubber Mounting Foot

●  Be adjustable on height and rubber elastomer
    base give high stability accuracy,linearity and
    repeatablity(No rubber above 10,000 lb)
●  Active ball suspension provides ideal load cell
    loading with maximum side load protection
●  Hardened alloy steel with plated finish or
    stainless steel
●  Top of stud is machined undersized 10% for
   easy alignment into load cell plus slotted for
    top-access applications

interchangeable with Vishay HBM,Mettler Toledo Load cell

Good quality and long life with competitive price!