The leading events on packaging industry——China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials!

publisher: Vikki Chen
Time: 2018-03-02

The leading events on packaging industry -The 25th China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials together with “China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition on Packaging Products will be relocated to Area A (hall 1.1/1.2/2.1/2.2) of China Import and Export Fair Complex in Mar. 10-12, 2018. As the largest flagship packaging shows in South China, they have earned great reputation from exhibitors and professional visitors for 24 years, which provide high-quality trade platforms and promote innovative development of traditional packaging industry. 

The products on exhibition include:

1. Automatic packing machine like automatic packaging production line, packaging industrial robot, handling machine, sorting machine, packing machine, container transport equipment, stacking machine, dis-assembly machine and other machines.

2. Logistics storage equipment and system.  Including The tray ,barcarole information system, conveying machinery, stack crane and others.

3. Plastic packaging manufacturing machinery. Including blow molding machinery , blowing machine, injection molding machinery and others

4. Packaging container manufacturing machinery. Including cap-making machine, box-making machine, bottle-blowing machine, bag making machine, can-making  machine, pulp molding machine and so on.

5. Packaging inspection equipment

6. Packaging auxiliary equipment


Our load cells of stainless steel, alloy steel and aluminum steel, are widely used in automatic packing industry, like check weigher, multihead weigher, packing scale, etc, customer normally buy to replace HBM PW15AH, FIT5A, PW6C,PW6D load cell, digital test chain, etc. 

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