A Big Harvest in Interweighing of 2013

A Big Harvest in Interweighing of 2013

China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition (InterWeighing2013)2013-04-22

Since our company focused much attention on this interweighing,our Huazhun clerks has made a full preparation for it.We had some fruitful results after three days’ sampling display.

Our products include: single point load cell of C3, C6 standard, shearbeam load cell for floor scale, s type load cell for crane scale, double ended shearbeam for truck scale, column load cells, etc.

we received many visitors from home and aborad At our booth of B112-B115/B122-B125.Even some of our clients came to visit our booth directly since our Huazhun has exported our products to many countries ,such as India,Mexico,America,Brazil etc.We greeted each other friendly.Then we offered them the quotations of products they are interested in.We share the information about the recent weighing instrument market.Besides,we also knew many new clients.We exchanged business cards friendly.They requested us to offer them quotations of the products they are interested in by email.They would take some catalogues when they left our booth.We achieved many new clients’ contact methods after the three days’ weighing exhibition.

This weighing exhibition has had far-reaching infuence on our company.We believed we would have a big harvest after this weighing exhibition.