Structure and composition of floor scale

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Time: 2013-03-04

 By the carrier, the framework, electronic floor scale, weighing sensors ( load cell ), connectors, junction boxes, weighing indicator composition can also choose to lead the slope, large-screen displays, printers, regulated power supply.
The new design of the steel structure bearing, equipped with four high precision shear beam load cell and intelligent weighing indicator, composed of the weighing system. The system is highly accurate, rapid, stable and reliable measurement. Weighing instruments, has a gross weight, tare weight, net weight, date, time, serial number, license plate number, Item set. Chinese computer networking. Statistics to 1000 trips weight, classification number, customer number, Print pounds single operating daily, monthly, clear the table, and license plate number.
Electronic floor scale according to user need the optional weighing indicator of a variety of models, different counting function of the weight management and measurement. Chosen for the chemical industry to use stainless steel countertops, accompanied by explosion-proof electrical devices, can be used for anti-corrosion waterproof and explosion-proof environment, the optional printer, large screen display can also be extended to the corresponding function.

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