The difference between single point load cell and shearbeam load cell

publisher: admin
Time: 2013-02-25
Single point load cell, more than 90% of the sensor are balance beam sensor, elastomer hard aluminum alloy, two holes in its appearance. Such sensors usually do the four corners of the correction to guarantee partial load error in the qualified range, and thusa single point sensors can constitute scales.
      Cantilever sensors usually have two structures of the balance beam and shear beam for the steel elastomer, can not fix the four corners of the partial load error, need the sensor can constitute Weighing more than three. 1) Shear Beam load cell appearance there is a blind hole of a pair of symmetrical, resistance strain gauges affixed with a V-shaped blind hole, the blind hole with silicone or PU glue potting, high-grade stainless steel sheet by laser welding seal. 2) steel the sensor internal structure of the balance beam similar to the balance beam and aluminum alloy the outside bellows welded seal. therefore can only see the outside of the bellows.

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