Load cell technology development trends in recent years

Load cell technology development trends in recent years

The main two development paths: the first military representative of the United States civilian, the first way to improve after popular and practical use in Japan as the representative of the commercialization of education followed to improve the way. China should belong to the latter, although the military-industrial sector applications earlier, but not converted to civilian use, rapid development and popularization or in the past 20 years. In recent years, the critical period of the urgent need to improve the overall technical, technological and quality level of the load cell in China.

The international load cell technology development trends is extremely important indicator of quality, accuracy, stability and reliability of the load cell as a manufacturing technology and manufacturing processes as the core competitiveness, firmly grasp the characteristics of the load cell issues, production and application of basic research, technology and applied research, its direction and is characterized by:

(1) in the product design and manufacturing process, to learn the intended real and virtual technology of computer in engineering product design, speed development and reduce development risk;

(2) in elastomer processing, simplified experience from the development of cell processing technology to the integrated processing technology; rigid manufacturing flexible manufacturing; judgment development to intelligent quantitative analysis. Commonly used for flexible manufacturing cells and flexible manufacturing systems;

(3) production technology workshop craft "instead of the traditional customs read, but a combination of one of technology and management systems engineering. In order to meet the multi-species, mass production, to ensure the homogeneity of the product technical performance, the production process must be to minimize the manual, man-made control, increasing the direction of the semi-automated and automated processes. For example: using computer control, human-computer integrated process systems and test network information systems, etc.;

(4) the stability of the treatment process related to the stability and reliability at high temperature, low temperature cryogenic fatigue, fluctuating based on the static pressure of overload, but also developed VSR, resonance aging process, resonance 10 minutes can be eliminate most of the residual stress.

The variety and structure of the load cell in the design and manufacture of technical support, but also innovative, technical features and expanding range of applications, the main results are:

(1) Revere company developed PUS type with atmospheric pressure compensation function of the dual-use load cell tension and compression, for high accuracy testing platform weighing platform, accuracy up to 5000d;

(2) Germany HBM successfully developed C2A, C16A two different structure of 1-100t pressure shell protection of explosion-proof weighing sensor, and its explosion-proof performance in line with the European EN50014 and EN50018 "d" class standard;

(3) Si Kaimei company has developed a new generation of high accuracy stainless steel F60X series 5 a 5000kg load cell, accuracy 6000d. For humidity, corrosive environment, and waterproof;

(4) Seth Kirchner, Germany developed beryllium bronze for the elastomer material, fast load cell weighing 200. Which is characterized by good linearity, high natural frequency, fast dynamic response. Original oil damping device with overload protection device integration, to ensure that weighing fast, long working life. Assembled a 30kg electronic platform scales, accuracy up to 4000d;

(5) U.S. THI 1410 type developed by a 30kg aluminum alloy load cell, accuracy levels superior to Class C3, can withstand the centrifugal force and vibration, built a special viscous dampers weigh when you have a fast stable time, usually less than 50ms;

VT a BLH (6) developed a new weighing module with components function and high load efficiency, the factory "plug and play", and can automatically adjust the position, without stirring, eccentric and vibration.

Only more than a few cases, sufficient to represent the direction of the development of new products, reflecting the pilot of the technology, the advanced nature of the process. Terms of technical content, high accuracy atmospheric pressure compensation technology; technology for fast, dynamic measurement of the load cell viscous dampers fast and stable; flameproof pressure shell (a 6000d, 4000d) load cell manufacturing technology; design and manufacturing technology; component of the new module design technology.

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