Questions for load cell of jewellery balance
Questions for load cell of jewellery balance
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Questions for load cell of jewellery balance

creep precision of load cell for jewellery balance/ electronic balance

To make high precision jewellery balance or electronic balance.normally use single point load cell,  Creep of load cell is most important! The software of jewellery balance is also important. If have excellent software, you can use creep precision of 0.02% to make scale of 300g/0.01g. if not, you need to use a load cell of creep precision 0.01% or even 0.005% to make 300g/0.01g scale, or 600g/0.01g. Huazhun model 651C is especially designed for jewellery scale or electronic balance of 300g/0.01g, 600g/0.01g.

creep standard of OIML C3 load cell

 OIML C3 standard means 3000divisions !The load cell can be used to make weighing scale of 3000divisions without special software. Creep is a very important function for a load cell. OIML C3 require the loadcell have a creep precision not less than 0.03%. normally the  load cell manufactory will make OIML C3 load cell with a precision of 0.023%! Some quality factory can make the creep precision to 0.015%.

what is creep of a load cell

What is creep of a load cell?The creep of a load cell means: when load cell is in stable environment( for example, temperature, humidity) and other changeable aspects keep no change (for example: estable force system, load and other aspects),when load cell is loaded quickly a nominal load and unload the nominal load, within a certain time, the output of load cell changes with time. the normal creep have two types: positive creep, negative creep.

Precision grade of creep for a load cell

For jewellery balance / precision balancem, the creep precision is one of the most important standard. For normal C3 standard, the creep precision is  only about 0.023%, for the high precision balance, it is normally not enough. we have precision of 0.02%,0.01% and 0.005%.The smaller the creep is, the load cell is better!

How to select correct precision load cell for yourjewellery balance

For jewellery balance/ electronic balance,  you can chose our 651 series (651C,651,651E, 651D), for 600g-0.01g, it's better to use creep precision of 0.01%, for 300g-0.01g, can use our 300g 0.01% precision. If you have special requirement of super high quality, you can chose 0.005% precision.The precision means creep precision. because For high precision balance, creep is the most import.