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Single Point Load Cells
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shearbeam load cell, S type load cell, double ended beam, column load cell, Spoke Type Load Cell
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By Focus on High Accuracy load cell and Force Senor ,using the world leading technology and advanced production process ,HUAZHUN WEIGHING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD has become an expert from design to test to minimize the cost while take quality standard and performance to ever higher levels ,which enable us to meet both the strict technical demand and reduction requirements of the clients.Beginning with the production of single point load cells for high accuracy electronic balances ,we already have a factory of more than 2000 square meter, complete production and testing equipment, advanced technology standard. We also expand our range to more types including high precision S-type and single ended shear beam load cell, column load cell, load cells for elevator, load cells for check weighing, Feeder,packing scale, etc.  Currently, we newly developed testing equipment for robot, pressure sensor of button, pressure detector of cold and hot pressing machine, medical injection pump, etc. It is widely in the market. Further more, we also provide OEM or ODM service.Our C5, C6 load cells have been widely used and exported to all over the world and are highly reputed by our clients !The C3 load cells are also made in higher standard to ensure the consistency in the long-range and stability in the different environment !Expect to Establish a long-term and mutual benefit relationship with you!